Sunday, 11 June 2017

We got a dog!

We have been quiet on this space, largely because we took the plunge and welcomed a dog into our lives!

We adopted an ex-breeding dog from Voices of Animals and it has been a pretty happy journey.

Dear and I have always wanted a dog when we were young but our mothers didn't allow (boo). When we got our own place, we talked on and off about getting a dog. But I was worried about leaving the dog alone in the house when we are working (oh the pee and poop) and it's probably not that nice to let the dog spend so much time alone right.

After research and talking to the VFA guys, they assured us that it was not that bad to leave the dog alone at home in the days as dogs spend a lot of time sleeping. And we can also consider the option of day care.

So one day, we just felt ready to get a dog and we saw HIM at one of the adoption drives. I saw this white Maltese that just looked so cute walking around and he so right when we carried him. So we just brought our new friend home without any dog supplies and we had to quickly buy whatever we needed.

We named the dog Buddy, because he was the friend we always wanted to have and we hope to be the friend he needs to enjoy this second stage of this life.

The initial week was filled with vomit, literally. Buddy kept vomiting and we had to travel to the vet a few times to get him sorted out, this included a 2 night stay at the vet. Very worrying experience.

He got much better and the next few weeks was full of pee and poop as we tried to toilet train him. We initially kept him in a play pen, but he didn't like it and eventually learn to somersault out of it.

Luckily, he was more or less house trained and toilet trained by now- so we let him out in the living room when we go out to work. We trusted him with our house. It took a few weeks of scolding before he learned to go to his designated pee spot even when we are not around. And his accuracy rate has been going up up up!

I personally think it is a sign he is more secured now in the house, even though we are out. After three months, I think he has really adopted us as his family :)

Dear and I adore him. And Dear has been a great dog daddy cos he is usually the first one to come home after work to clean up any mess in the house and teach Buddy toilet etiquette. 

I feel so happy looking at him- right now he is lying stomach side up with legs in the air on his fav beanie chair.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Korea 21-29 Oct 2015

Annyeonghaseyo! Despite the Korean craze, I have never caught on to it because we are JPOP kids yo. Dear is the Dragonball kid while I'm more cool. I'm the Slam Dunk kid.

And we don't even like Korean food. Kimchi sucks. So we have not visited Korea and we finally decided to take the plunge because just try new place lor!

Ok, I think we were also influenced by Running Man. I have never used to watch it but it has become our Friday and Saturday night entertainment since we moved into our place. 

And what a surprise, we enjoyed Korea more than we thought we would. I think the road trip helps- as long as Dear can self-drive, he is happy. We discovered that we do like Korea food and had a good time eating. Kimchi does not suck, in fact it tastes good in Korea. It is so weird that for someone who disliked Korean food, it is a cuisine that I am learning for weekday dinners because it is faster and simpler than Chinese food.

Our logistics details:

Internal flight to Jeju by Eastar: $307.40 for two pax
SQ flight: $764 per pax
Art House: $102.76 per night
IRO Pension:  $133.24 per night
Metro Hotel Myeongdong: $160 per night


Our first three days were spent in Jeju. Right after we touched down, we picked up our rental car and zoom off to have lunch. Lunch was of course black pig Korean BBQ! Yums!

Little rant: Our internal flight was delayed both ways. Really sian. But it seems common, a lot of the other budget airlines had delays too.

We went back to Seoul on our third day. We visited the Namsan tower and had Korean curry pork cutlet for dinner. The next few days were us shopping and visiting the castle (where there are still beautiful autumn leaves, yeah!).

The best part of our time in the city was the day trip into the DMZ area where we got to walk down a tunnel built by the North Koreans in their attempt to enter Seoul. Super eye-opening and once in a life time experience.

We also vsited Haha's BBQ restaurant for our dinner on the last night, but sadly, it was average only leh :(

Sunday, 29 January 2017

BKK 2016- 28 April to 3 May 216

Happy CNY everybody! It is a long weekend and my new year resolution is to clear the back logs!

Starting from our BKK 2016 trip!

First, the logistic details:
U Sukhumvit Bangkok: $82 per night
SQ: $204.40 per pax

BKK is our annual retreat but this time, we have a few new experiences in BKK! Lucky 2016 was a year of new night markets in BKK and we visited the new ones that we have not been too. Expansion of our usual shopping spots, haha.

New night markets that we visited: JJ Green, Rod Fai Market Ratchada, The Artbox night market (but only got food stalls when we were there, sad), Neon Fest Container Flea Market Lumphini Square (pls don't go there. the shops were closed and only the theme park was open. No signage to explain why).

We also went to the Comic exhibition that was also happening in BKK when we were there. It was quite fun to see the mascots there, got Walking Dead around too! Photo opportunity for Dear haha.

We also had brunch at Roast at new EmQuartier shopping mall (also new to us!) and the cute cartoon macaroon at Bonca.

It was one of the best BK trip as we found so many new things to do to spice up our routine. But I didn't shop so much lah, just look see and relax. Til the next time, BKK.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Pokemon adventure

We have been busy with a new hobby- Pokemon Go!! I didn't thought that I would play the game but Dear told me about the launch and I downloaded it for fun. Turns out I became a heavy gamer, lol. I roped Dear into the game soon after and we have been going to places to collect our Pokemon.

Yes, sounds lame but our Pokemon adventures has led us to new places that we would not have visited, eg MacRitchie Reservoir and Woodlands Waterfront. I also climbed up Pearl Hill Park to collect Abras.

I have also spent several Sunday mornings walking around our estate to catch Charmeleons. There was once Dear rushed out at night to catch a Lapras that sprawned at the waterway near us. So many interesting adventures, lol.

Watching Joseph Schooling at the Olympics after I downloaded the game.

 At the famous Hougang 401 when it was a happening spot.

Exploring our Punggol Waterway while catching Pokemon

At MBS and the beautiful lights in the evening. We were waiting for the water show to start but it sucks big time.

At East Coast Park

At Woodlands waterfront

As you can tell, we played pretty intensively but not as crazy as some people who stayed up the whole night. Haha. We have mananged to complete the Gen 1 pokemons! Or rather me (Dear is waiting for Charmeleons but just need to catch enough to evolve).

Catch finish at Level 27. Woohoo!

We just returned from our holiday in Europe, and we added Mr Mime to the collection! We caught more than I thought we would, although our first Mr Mime was caught halfway into the trip. Dear only needed one more to a full page of Mr Mimes. Wah seh.

Eating like a Fat Cow in the Underwater Word

It's the season of foie gras and Wagyu beef don. Dear and I decided to try out the Fat Cow at Camden Medical Centre to treat ourselves (I also forgot why, lol)

The set comes with salad, soup and chawanmushi.

The star of the meal: you can choose to have it in cubes or sliced. We tried both.
Then we went to the Underwater World because it was closing down. Super a lot of people! And I think a lot of the fishes also moved out already- nothing much to see. Boo.

The only highlight was the iconic travellor ride around the aquarium. Other than that, everything else was yawns.

On the way back we saw a fair at the railway station and stopped for a look Turns out it was a PA movie screening and there was some local food/art craft fair.

Okies, nothing much after walking around. We bought a lucky draw ticket (becos Dear digs these stuff) and didn't win anything in the end, so sad.