Sunday, 11 December 2016

Pokemon adventure

We have been busy with a new hobby- Pokemon Go!! I didn't thought that I would play the game but Dear told me about the launch and I downloaded it for fun. Turns out I became a heavy gamer, lol. I roped Dear into the game soon after and we have been going to places to collect our Pokemon.

Yes, sounds lame but our Pokemon adventures has led us to new places that we would not have visited, eg MacRitchie Reservoir and Woodlands Waterfront. I also climbed up Pearl Hill Park to collect Abras.

I have also spent several Sunday mornings walking around our estate to catch Charmeleons. There was once Dear rushed out at night to catch a Lapras that sprawned at the waterway near us. So many interesting adventures, lol.

Watching Joseph Schooling at the Olympics after I downloaded the game.

 At the famous Hougang 401 when it was a happening spot.

Exploring our Punggol Waterway while catching Pokemon

At MBS and the beautiful lights in the evening. We were waiting for the water show to start but it sucks big time.

At East Coast Park

At Woodlands waterfront

As you can tell, we played pretty intensively but not as crazy as some people who stayed up the whole night. Haha. We have mananged to complete the Gen 1 pokemons! Or rather me (Dear is waiting for Charmeleons but just need to catch enough to evolve).

Catch finish at Level 27. Woohoo!

We just returned from our holiday in Europe, and we added Mr Mime to the collection! We caught more than I thought we would, although our first Mr Mime was caught halfway into the trip. Dear only needed one more to a full page of Mr Mimes. Wah seh.

Eating like a Fat Cow in the Underwater Word

It's the season of foie gras and Wagyu beef don. Dear and I decided to try out the Fat Cow at Camden Medical Centre to treat ourselves (I also forgot why, lol)

The set comes with salad, soup and chawanmushi.

The star of the meal: you can choose to have it in cubes or sliced. We tried both.
Then we went to the Underwater World because it was closing down. Super a lot of people! And I think a lot of the fishes also moved out already- nothing much to see. Boo.

The only highlight was the iconic travellor ride around the aquarium. Other than that, everything else was yawns.

On the way back we saw a fair at the railway station and stopped for a look Turns out it was a PA movie screening and there was some local food/art craft fair.

Okies, nothing much after walking around. We bought a lucky draw ticket (becos Dear digs these stuff) and didn't win anything in the end, so sad.

Our new car

Our car was reaching its retirement age (according to the retirement law in Sg) and we had been shopping for a new car. Finally found one that met what we wanted! Wallet, ouch!!

We took a half day off to collect the new car. Oh the smell of new leather seats.

Of cos we had a nice lunch before we went to the car dealer to pick up the car. We went to Tanuki Raw for their famous Waygu and foie gras bowl.

The bowl was a good deal at lunch as it was cheaper than the dinner price.

We also had the Chirashi bowl, which was all right only.

Tadah! Our new red baby!

Bye bye old car car :(

Friday, 15 July 2016

Darling's bday 2016

After talking about Dear's bday, it's time to talk about mine! Mine was a simple homely celebration too. Dear brought me out to lunch at this super nice and atas restaurant (Salt Grill and Sky Bar).

It was on the 55th level of ION and we had to take a special lift up to the restaurant. The ears will pop hor.
The view from the top. You can walk around the restaurant which has lots of glass windows and see diff parts of SG.
The yummy potato chips starter. Can't say the same for the salad. Muahaha.
The famous dashi crab omelette. I kinda like it, though Dear thought the flavours were a tad too light for his liking. 
I went for the steak for my main course. Decently done as it should be.

Dear had the crispy pork belly. It was nice but actually, I think the Chinese Sio Bak is better hor.
Dessert! Mine was a special plate with Happy Birthday written in chocolate.

We went home after that, and we just chill around. But Dear's surprise was not over yet. When we went to bed, he hid my present under the blanket until I got into plate. And he presented me with a Rotary watch. New watch! (although the manual date changing function is now killing me)

That was a nice end to the day because I told Dear don't need to buy anything for me lah. Dear should be proud to know that my boss has beo-ed my watch twice, and asked me where I bought it from *wink*

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Dear's bday 2016

Dear wanted a simple bday celebration, so I remembered we chilled around at home (I think, oops!!) and I made reservations at a Japanese restaurant for dinner. Dinner was at Capitol Piazza in Ryu's Japanese restaurant.

I made reservations but the place was empty when we reached.

The restaurant seemed highly recommended online so I was anticipating a yummy dinner for Dear but ehm, Dear felt severely underwhelmed by the food. *cries* And I still have to pay the dinner bill- not cheap ok!

So dun need to talk much about the food lah. Just post the photos only will do.

I will do better next year Dear! And you better let me know what is your bday present! Or else no more liao!