Friday, 15 July 2016

Darling's bday 2016

After talking about Dear's bday, it's time to talk about mine! Mine was a simple homely celebration too. Dear brought me out to lunch at this super nice and atas restaurant (Salt Grill and Sky Bar).

It was on the 55th level of ION and we had to take a special lift up to the restaurant. The ears will pop hor.
The view from the top. You can walk around the restaurant which has lots of glass windows and see diff parts of SG.
The yummy potato chips starter. Can't say the same for the salad. Muahaha.
The famous dashi crab omelette. I kinda like it, though Dear thought the flavours were a tad too light for his liking. 
I went for the steak for my main course. Decently done as it should be.

Dear had the crispy pork belly. It was nice but actually, I think the Chinese Sio Bak is better hor.
Dessert! Mine was a special plate with Happy Birthday written in chocolate.

We went home after that, and we just chill around. But Dear's surprise was not over yet. When we went to bed, he hid my present under the blanket until I got into plate. And he presented me with a Rotary watch. New watch! (although the manual date changing function is now killing me)

That was a nice end to the day because I told Dear don't need to buy anything for me lah. Dear should be proud to know that my boss has beo-ed my watch twice, and asked me where I bought it from *wink*

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Dear's bday 2016

Dear wanted a simple bday celebration, so I remembered we chilled around at home (I think, oops!!) and I made reservations at a Japanese restaurant for dinner. Dinner was at Capitol Piazza in Ryu's Japanese restaurant.

I made reservations but the place was empty when we reached.

The restaurant seemed highly recommended online so I was anticipating a yummy dinner for Dear but ehm, Dear felt severely underwhelmed by the food. *cries* And I still have to pay the dinner bill- not cheap ok!

So dun need to talk much about the food lah. Just post the photos only will do.

I will do better next year Dear! And you better let me know what is your bday present! Or else no more liao!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Batam 24-25 June 2016

Hello Everybody!

After closing shop for so long (we have just went on 6 holidays- including a three-week honeymoon in Europe in 9 months), I am opening business here on the blog again.

Some updates: starting from our latest vacation because it is really the easiest as it was a simple getaway last week as we needed to clear leave.

We went on our annual trip to Batam to stock up on Teh Botol and feast on Bakso!

We took the Friday off and went to our usual Harris Batam city centre hotel. Dear found us ferry tickets from Groupon and saved us some moolah.

Our home in Batam.

First stop after reaching Batam: having lunch at our usual Bakso restaurant.

And my fav Nasi Goreng. Cheap and good Indo food. Dear liked it so much that we actually tapaoed back to SG for dinner!

One thing we realized: the eateries (including KFC!) have curtains covering the restaurants. Dear said it may be because it is fasting period so not very nice to eat openly.

After lunch, we went to check in before coming out again for a movie marathon. We watched Finding Dory and Now You See Me 2 (tickets are only like S$3+). In between, we visited the supermarket to stock up on Teh Botol to import them in. We lugged back 12 in all *gasps*

Beyond shopping at the supermarket, there wasn't much to shop at the mall. Boring.

After the movies, it was dinner time. So eat again.

Went to eat Ayam Penyat at this restaurant that had some hipster d├ęcor

We were there while the other customers were waiting to break fast. This is how they reserve their table for those who have made reservations.

Ordered a Chendol because there were a lot of publicity posters at the stall. Verdict: not bad lah.

Our dinner of three chili chicken and grilled duck with Satay. Loved the grilled duck the most. Almost wanted to tapao it back for dinner in SG lor! The grilled stuff in Indonesia just tastes better.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and chill. But not before buying more Teh Botol and bakso for supper!

The next day was a short day in Batam- the plan was to have breakfast, have a massage, have lunch and check out to leave for SG.

A&W waffles to start the day. It was a little exasperating to get the waffles as we had to wait for a while for A&W to open even though the opening hr is10am. We went to get a coffee at JCO donuts in the meantime and guess what, they gave us a free donut tog with the coffee! So nice of them.

After breakfast, it was time for massage. There's only one massage salon in the mall, so not much choice but they are pretty reputable and decent.
After lunch, we went to fill up our stomachs with some bakso so that we dun get hungry on the journey home. We also tapao-ed dinner home which was very nice as we got to eat once we got home.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

We are home

We are back from our long hol,a.ka. our honeymoon! The days before that were hectic as we tried to complete the itinerary before we set off. 

It is back to the daily grind now that we are back, but I hope it marks a new beginning for us. We have been busy settling in since we got married, and even though we have moved in since Feb, I haven't seem to be able to truly settle down and enjoy staying tog. Now that many things are out of the way, it is time to start enjoying domestic life. :)

Some shots of my happy moments in the house ^ ^

Rakuten was having a promotion for my fav potato sticks which was bundled tog with other Hokkaido snacks. Of cos I had to grab it and was super happy when the parcel came. Yippie!
 Proudest culinary moment: Tried out the Engagement Chicken recipe made famous by Glamour Magazine. It turned out very good! Skin was crispy, sauce was flavourful. Amazing what the simple seasoning could do!

 The end product after 1 hour in the oven.

Another shot of my delicious chicken because it is so yummy. Photo artistically taken by Dear. *thumbs up!*

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Home cooking

We have finally sort of settled in, or at least me. I am starting to feel more comfortable with the new routines of cleaning, and cleaning. My new resolution now is to try to cook a bit more and be a bit more effective at it. We'll see how it goes, haha.

Another piece of good news is that we have finally booked our honeymoon- 8 months after the wedding! GASPS. But it is worth it as we managed to get the Chelsea tickets after a mini saga of having to snatch tickets, which was really the main objective of the trip (speaking from Dear's perspective). So now I am kept busy trying to finish up the itinerary.

The long national day weekend is coming up next week and I am super excited. I have already planned out the activities! We are going to invite some frens over for mini gatherings, go shopping for all the SG50 deals, visit the Dreamworks exhibition at MBS. Sounds fun rite!

I have been trying to take photos of some of the meals that we have cooked up so far, just for fun and memory's sake. Actually the taste is not too bad leh, I would say.

While waiting for Dear to come back from his wedding lunch, I have made cold soba noodles with edamame, drizzled with sesame dressing for my lunch today. A cold treat for a hot day like this!

Going off to have my lunch now, as I am hungry!